• Kleber Silva
  • November, 1982
  • Florianópolis, Brazil
  • Computer Science
I’m a game programmer passionate about my profession. I love to make games. Small or big ones, it doesn’t matter since there is a level of challenge and I can learn something new. It can be a entire new programming language or just a new way to solve a problem, that’s what moves me forward everyday.

The major part of my work is 2D. That’s because I really like with the theme: sprite sheets, layers, etc and when I think on creating a new game, it’s usually 2D.

But not just 2D games make my game development life. I’m very excited about the entire industry: I love to play games and create them. The genial thoughts between each line of code, the teamwork, art, music and everything together to make a virtual experience as fun as possible since the Atari age until today is what inspires me in this carrer.

As a programmer, I always like to make a good, clean, extensible and maintainable code, even on personal projects to keep my sanity (and the other’s who eventually could use or maintain a code that I wrote). Sure there are times when this is not possible and I have to code as fast as the due dates demands, but I try to avoid these times planning and giving a reasonable time to make each task.

I also made good jobs as producer and game designer and those make me happy too. My conclusion is that I just love to work with games.


I actually use several technologies, but these are the ones that I use the most:

  • Unity3D: Today I’m more a Unity than a Flash developer. All the games I’m making today are in Unity. I really like the way Unity works.
  • ActionScript 3: this is the programming language that I use since my 15 years old. I’m very proficient on this language and the things simply goes faster with it.
  • C#: one of the best programming languages that I worked with. I use C# mainly on my Unity projects and I really like to use it. Several tools and facilities available make this language my second favorite.
  • Java: this is the language that I worked most professionally. Almost every company that I worked uses Java as their main language for projects. I really like Java, but I think that it’s not that suitable for games.
  • Git: this is my favorite SCM, although I already worked with Subversion and Mercurial too.



What I like to do in my free time:

  • Play video games: that’s my favorite hobby.
  • Play around with my cats: I really love cats. Especially those wild ones that likes to run and jump everywhere.
  • Travel: the feeling of knowing a new place is indescribable.
  • Take photos of beautiful places: no matter if its a natural valley or an great sculpture, capture it with a camera is a great pleasure.

Favorite Games

Like every gamer, I have some favorite games. If I sit in front of a video game console, I could start to play any of these for hours:

  • Donkey Kong Country: the three original games for Super Nintendo that made my childhood (gameplay, characters, levels and music).
  • Crash Bandicoot: the three original games for PlayStation One and the Crash Team Racing. I spent thousands of hours playing these games (gameplay, levels and fun).
  • Shadow of the Colossus: One of the best game ever made in my opinion (storytelling, music, gameplay and ambiance).
  • God of War: Nothing is better after a stressful workday than God of War (gameplay, story, challenges and levels).
  • Journey: I have no words to describe this game. It makes me feel like never before in a game. It’s very involving, immersive and yes, makes me cry too. It’s a piece of art (music, storytelling and multiplayer).

What they are talking

Few times have I found someone who, while focused in one area of work, knows so much of everything else. Kleber is passionate for games in a way that been a programmer is just part of it. I had the opportunity to participate in formal (and informal) meetings in which he would not only give technical input, but also good artist and game design input. A complete professional and a great person overall.

João Beraldo, game writter

Kleber is a sui generis professional even in the game industry. Games seem to be more than a job for him, they seem to be his life. He lives the game culture, know a lot about every aspect of game designing and development and, although he knows a lot about new game technologies, he is healthy nostalgic about games from the past. He can be an unvaluable member for any multidisciplinary team.

Helder Savietto, programmer