Help the cute little bee pass through the crazy hexagons path to reach its hive safely.
Play Hex-B right here

Try to make the bee reach the hive as fast as you can and place your name on the scoreboards!

Here you help a little bee reach its hive. But it’s not a walk in the park!
The hexagons that make the path are all scrambled and it’s up to you to organize everything before the bee start to pass through them!
The bee is in a rush and can’t stop! So think fast and act faster to make the a secure path to the hive!

Here is how:

  • Click on any hexagon to turn it clockwise.
  • Click holding CTRL to turn the hexagon counter-clockwise.
  • When you see a blue triangle between three hexagons it means that you can turn them together like hexagons alone. Use it as a strategy to make less moves!
  • Some paths have a color. You need to pass through flowers of the same color to make the bee able to pass through these paths.
  • Pay attention: when the bee pass through an hexagon, it will be locked and you can’t turn it again!