Localization Tool

A simple and free tool to manage localization files.

“At the beginning was just one game and two languages. Now we have 12 games alike and 15 languages. Maintain this is a nightmare…”

Sad testimonial of a member of “it happened almost like that” scenario

Localization is a task that everytime starts easy and almost always become a hard, stressful and time consuming labor. Localization Tool is a simple program to help you to make this task more easy and less painfull. You can create or edit your already created files. It supports two kinds of files: key/value plain text files (.txt extension with the content like ini and properties) and key/value json files.
It has some tools to manage these files transparently (you can have both on the same folder). You choose what extension you want to work with and if you want all the files have the same extension, no problem: Localization Tool converts one format to another as easy as a button click.
When the number of localization keys grow like there is no tomorrow, you can organize them inside Categories and manage all things easily.
Categories are a simple but powerful abstraction to better organize your keys.
Sure you can choose to not use categories if you don’t want to.


drag and drop

Very easy to use

Open a folder with drag and drop. Create a new project with drag and drop an empty folder. You sure can use the classical way too: clicking on the “Open folder” button and pointing the folder you want to open.
Not just that! Everything in the program was made thinking to be as easy as could be. You just need 5 minutes or less to know how to use the program. Seriously.

Create, edit and delete localization file

Create new localization files, convert them to one of the available options, edit their names or delete them as you want.
Localization Tool handles all the files management. You care only with the content.

manage languages

Create Categories to organize everything

The number of localization keys keeps growing insanely? Why not organize them inside categories and manage everything more easily? Give the Categories a try and see how easy your work can be (at least easier than manage all the keys in one giant category).

Filter the content

Several options to filter the content and find quickly what you are looking for. You can select a category, show only the missing translations or if none is enough, you can type what you are looking for and the Translation Tool will filter the content and show only what you want. Better than that, you can combine all these options and find that specific key in that insanely giant list.


Full feature list:

  • Manage your localization files easily: drag and drop a folder that contains all the files and Localization Tool will open all valid files for you to manage. You want to create a new project? Easy: just drag and drop an empty folder and you are ready to start.
  • Create/edit/delete language files as you want.
  • Supported formats:
    • .txt: key/value like .ini and .properties (key=value).
    • .json: key/value (“key” : “value”).,/li>
  • Default language: choose one of the available languages to be the base for all others. When you set a default language and select a content, a panel shows the respective content from the default language, making easier to translate.
  • Automatically scape strings with special characters.
  • Multiline support: replaces every break line with \n string, so you can parse it in you application easily.
  • Create/edit/delete categories for better organization and easy maintenance
  • Filter the content to quick find what you are looking for (all these can be combined as you want):
    • Select a category and see only the keys that are inside it. Want to see all keys again? Sure. Just click on “All Categories”.
    • Show only empty texts: this shows only the contents that still have no text, aka missing translations.
    • Filter by text: type in the filter box what you are looking for and the program will show only the contents that match that text.
  • Automatically selects the content if the key you are trying to insert already exist: this avoids you to create a duplicated key inside the selected category.
  • Game Engine/programming language independence: the resultant files can work with any game engine or programming language since the engine/language supports open text files (if it not support this, why in the earth you are using it?).
  • Works on Windows® and Mac® (Adobe® AIR® runtime required).
  • Automatically keeps you up to date: when a new version is released, you know the next time you open the program.
What Localization Tool is?

Is a tool to manage simple localization plain text files like properties files (as .txt) and json (key/value).
What Localization Tool isn’t?

Manager or compiler for .po and .mo files (yet). An editor for binary localization files.


Changelog for nerds
	* Now the editor saves the default language after closing
	* New error messages for insufficient permissions on project folder

	* Case insensitive filter

	* New feature: default language
	* Filter by the content value
	* General bug fixing

	* Initial version

Did you find some bug or have a sugestion? Great! (or sorry if it’s a bug). Here you can report the bug or create a feature request: Issue tracker.

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