Mini Profiler

A small and easy-to-use Unity extension to watch any numeric variable over time

Mini Profiler for Unity

Did you sometime needed to watch a variable over time at runtime on your game and have to depend on Unity’s Debug.Log?

You need to give Mini Profiler a try.
Mini Profiler preview

Mini Profiler is a small Unity extension where you can watch any numeric variable at runtime with a minimum impact.
It’s useful for framerate and memory usage, but you can watch other values such as enemies spawned, active GameObjects or any other numeric variable you want.

If you are not ready to pay the great amount of money to buy the Pro version, you can try the Standard version with a limited amount of features and see if the extension is worth the investment.

Feature Comparison between Free and Pro versions

Feature Free Pro
  Free $5.00
Watch any numeric variable
You can watch any variable you need at runtime with almost no effort!
Watch framerate and memory usage
The package already have prefabs to star using right away.
Customizable read interval
Watch variable every frame, every second, every minute or every time you need.
Position and scale as you need
You can place and scale the panels wherever you need into the game screen.
Collapse/expand panels
Optionally you can collapse and expand the panels touching on them or setting keyboard shortcuts.
Continue to watch the variables with panel collapsed
Optionally you can configure the panel to continue to read the variables even when they are collapsed.
Customize colors
Why your debug panels shouldn’t be beautiful.
Drag and drop color presets Unity 5.1+
You can drop a Color Preset Library into the panel to apply its colors to it. Easy. Fast. Beautiful.
20 themes ready to use Unity 5.1+
You can start with beautiful panels right away.
Create/destroy, enable/disable panels by code
You can dynamically change the Mini Profile through the standard Unity API.
Collapse/expand panels by code
In addition, you can collapse/expand panels programmatically too using a single line of code.
Organize panels automatically
Automatically avoids panel overlapping and aligns the panels to any screen corner.
Minimum impact
Only 2 draw calls and a small 256×64 texture into the memory.
Works on any device
If Unity can build on it, Mini Profiler will work on it.
Easily accessible help Unity 5.1+
Easy access the help from any component just clicking on “?” icon.
Source code available
Change it as you wish.