Missing Components Finder

Find all missing components in GameObjects in a easy and fast wat

A simple Unity extension to find all GameObjects and Prefabs with missing components at once in a easy and fast way.

Missing Components Finder in action

You know the scenario: after you reopen an old Unity project or make a huge refactor because the game design changed, several components get missing. This is where Missing Components Finder comes handy.

Missing Components Finder extension let’s you easily find all the missing components in your scene GameObjects and in your project Prefabs even if they are deep inside the hierarchy, disabled or hidden by the editor. Everything in a visual, clean and organized way, making the fixing an much less painful task.

Another place you can search for missing components is in the current selection. This is specially useful for huge projects where you suspect where the missing components are but don’t want to wait too much for the result.

When you select GameObjects in the result list, they are focused in the Scene or Project, making very easy to find the problematic Components. Besides, right on the main window, you have the name, the parent name and the missing component count of the selected GameObject.