SpriteSheet Preview

A simple and free tool to preview sprite sheets

Imagine this scenario: you are a great artist. Very proud of your work. You are working on a great game that uses 2D animations as sprite sheets. You always created the best animations ever. But when the programmers place your assets inside the game… “what is that?”, “why in the earth the sprites are dancing like this?”
SpriteSheet Preview is a simple tool to preview those sprite sheets you’ve created. It’s for you that want to see if your sprite sheet is right before the asset is actually inside the game.


Full Feature List

  • Easy to use: just drag and drop your sprite sheet, configure the rows and columns and you are good to play.
  • Preview your sprite sheet before your assets go to the game.
  • Play/pause/loop your animation.
  • Ping pong play.
  • Control the fps of your animation.
  • Configure the animation interval to preview a specific animation inside a sprite map.
  • Frames panel to help you to find specific frames.
  • Control the background color and transparency.
  • Zoom in/zoom out your animation.
  • Game Engine/programming language independence: the resultant files work with any game engine or programming language since the engine/language supports open image files (if it not support this, why in the earth you are using it?).
  • Works on Windows® and Mac® (Adobe® AIR® runtime required).
  • Automatically keeps you up to date: when a new version is released, you know it the next time you open the program.
What SpriteSheet Preview is?

Is a tool to preview sprite sheets and sprite maps with constant frame size you’ve created using another tools to see if everything is right before the asset is inside the game. It’s perfect for sprite sheets created to HTML 5 and CSS 3.
What SpriteSheet Preview isn’t?

It’s not a tool to create sprite sheets, resize them or preview sprite maps or sprite sheets that have a variable frame size.


The Braid character was used only to show the program features and he’s copyrighted by Jonathan Blow and David Hellman.
Changelog for nerds
	* check for update option was not saving
	* minor GUI fixes

	* added "close" button
	* added "reset start frame" and "reset end frame" buttons

	* new frame preview panel, it's more easy to find a specific frame
	* new "show frame border" option
	* window state saved when the program closes
	* added some options:
		* option to check for updates on startup
		* option to save the window state (state, size and position)
		* option to open the last file
	* minor GUI changes

	* Open file button

	* Start and end frame configurable (issue #8)
	* Play shortcut changed to Ctrl+Enter due numeric steppers events
	* GUI fixes

	* Numeric Steppers on rows, cols, fps and zoom: easier to change

	* keyboard shortcut fix

	New Features:
		* ping pong animation
		* scroll change sliders
		* scroll change values (rows, cols, fps)
		* scroll change zoom when stage is focused
		* draw routines improvements
		* better UI responseness
		* no 3rd party libraries dependency
	Bug Fixes:
		* frame indexes were wrong by 1
		* general bug fixing

	* Initial version

Did you find some bug or have a sugestion? Great! (or sorry if it’s a bug). Here you can report the bug or create a feature request: Issue tracker.

If you are a programmer and like to contribute, see the GitHub Repository.

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