Start Scenes

Start your game from any scene while editing any other

Start Scenes Preview

Start Scenes for Unity

Did you sometime needed to work in a scene in Unity and start your game from another one? You have to keep changing the scene in the editor just to start your game and then go back to the scene you’re working every time you need to test? That’s the problem the Start Scenes extension is here to fix.

Start Scene is a small Unity extension where you can set the scenes you want your game start with. You need a single scene? Got it! You need several scenes at one loaded as Additive? Nailed it! You need to change the start scenes depending you are testing a feature or the entire game? You bet you have it! With Start Scenes extenstion you can do it and more:


Play every time from the same scene.
When you press play, no matter which scene is open, the game will start with the scenes you set.
Don’t worry about a not saved scene.
If you forget to save the scene before hit play, don’t worry, when you stop, all your changes will be there and you will continue from where you were.
Every scene in the build is able to be a start scene.
You can put any scene listed on Build Settings to be the start scene.
Play one scene or several as Additive.
You can play one scene or you can add more scenes and they will be loaded as Additive scenes to the first.
Use the play button as always.
You don’t have to press any other button to play your start scene. Use the usual play button you always do. No changes!
Simple and intuitive interface.
You don’t have to learn a complicated screen with several buttons. Start Scenes have one simple and intuitive interface you can learn to use it in less than a minute!
Add, remove and reorder scenes easily.
Manage the scenes is easy as 123. Add them with a dropdown menu, remove them with a button and reoder them with a drag and drop interface.
Access the scenes inside the Start Scenes panel.
Double click in a scene to open it. Click on the focus button (the same used in Unity for Scripts) to focus the scene in the project.
Create profiles to test several scenarios with one click.
Sometimes your game have several start points or for testing purposes, you need to start the game from that specific scene. No problem. With Start Scenes extension you can make profiles and change between them with one click.