Start Scenes Documentation



To start fast, here it is the Start Scenes main panel (each element is explained bellow):



  • Help Button: Click on the help button to open this documentation page.
  • Enable Toggle: Use this button to quickly enable/disable the extension. Note that you don’t have to disabled it if you are editing any of the start scenes.
  • Profiles: Here it is the list of all profiles you have created. Profiles are useful when you have several start scenes, like in a huge project when you need to test a feature or the entire game or when you are creating a multiplayer game where the start scene is different for each type of player or even when you are testing your game and don’t want to see the “startup logos” every time.
  • Profile Operations: Here you can add, remove and edit the title of your profiles.Note that it should have at least one profile.
  • Scene List: This is where all the scenes that will be loaded at startup appears. Double click on any of them to open. Note that to be here, the scene should be listed in Build Settings.
  • Main Scene: The first scene is highlighted to indicate that it’ll be only loaded as Single.
  • Other Scenes: Other scenes will be loaded as Additive. Note that you can drag and drop scenes to order them as you wish.
  • Focus Scene: Click on this button to focus the scene into the project folder.
  • Add/Remove Scene: Use these buttons to add a new scene to the list and remove the selected scene. Note that to be listed in the add dropdown, the scene should be listed in Build Settings.
  • Build Settings Button: Since the scene need to be listed inside the Build Settings to be added, a button to the Build Settings is here to make the access easier.