Here is my portfolio: some project that I’m proud to worked with.
Some are personal and some are projects for companies that I worked.
There is a Resume available here.


Games are my passion. I love to make them and here are some that I made or helped to make beeing part of the crew.

Games / Professional
Games / Personal


Some frameworks that I worked or created.

PushButton Engine Fork
Frameworks / Personal
Bitverse Unity GUI
Frameworks / Professional
Java Swing OpenGL GUI
Frameworks / Professional


While creating games it’s very common automatize some tasks. Some of those solutions are good enough to publish.
Here are some frameworks that I made, modified or helped to create.

Start Scenes
Editor / Tools / Unity
Mini Profiler
Tools / Unity
Missing Components Finder
Editor / Tools / Unity


Spread the knowledge is important like the knowledge itself.
Here are some lectures that I had the opportunity to make.