GamePops 2: Sega Generation Version

The video game music quiz

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This is the second version of my first personal project.

Here I was the only developer: the programmer, the game designer and the artist (so, don’t bother with the ugly appearance). For this game, I’ve made a deep research about color blindness and chose colors that the majority can see.

The game consists in a simple video game music quiz: you listen to a music and write the name of the game which it belongs. You can guess and go crazy trying to remember 64 musics from games that were released to Sega consoles like Master System, Genesis, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and even Game Gear. It’s a challenge even for the very nerdy Sega fans.

This game I personally used as a test for several features that I never used (or was not the responsible for) in games that I helped to make on companies that I worked, like advertisements and publishing. An unexpected feature was added to the game later was the number of languages supported: seven! At the beginning was just English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian, but soon a friend of mine translated it to Swendish and the Mochimedia team (Shanda Games) offered to translate it to Chinese. Very cool!

If you want to add the game to your blog/site/etc free of any charge, just copy and paste this piece of code:

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