The game that mede love hexagons!

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The Project

made for mobile
The first thought when creating this game was to prove that my little, recently created and still under development GameLib engine worked. Me and three other guys (a game designer, a sound designer and a art designer) took an old idea and put it into the game. The target was to play the game on internet browsers. No money involved, just four guys creating a game.

After some weeks of development, the Adobe/Mochi Made for Mobile contest arrived and we decided to enter. We just needed to port the game mechanics to the new technology, what was not an easy task, mainly for me and the game designer. None of us had worked with anything to mobiles and the technology was kinda new and there was few places where to find an useful help. It was hard, but we did.

The result: we won the contest between the 6th and the 105th! We never knew in what place we actually was (as you can see on the contest page: “6th Place – 105th Place: …winners coming soon!”), but the email and the $100 paycheck tell us that we won.

The Challenges

The first challenge was create a game while its engine is being developed. That was a mistake. Since the time was short, several decisions that should be thought before implemented was just thrown into the engine code to solve the problem immediately. This made the engine code ugly and dirty. It ends up that Hex-B was the only product made with GameLib ever published.

The second and most weird challenge was create a game for mobile WITHOUT a device to test it. Yep. At that time, we don’t had any smartphone to test the game nor any good soul that could borrow one. It was a real challenge, specially for me and the game designer, since we had to assume that some things should just work on the device.

Experience Points Earned

Here I learned how to work in a freelance project with no payment. I learned to make the things on my own and be my own leader. Make my tasks and plan my development days. As a programmer, I learned a lot about mobile development, which was very helpful after when I had to make another game to mobiles.

Another thing learned was never create the game engine and the game at the same time. Specially if you are the only developer and you have a short time to make everything.

The love for hexagons

To make this game I had to research about hexagons. A lot. And turns out that I loved that! Regular hexagons are the most perfect geometric shape ever! Try to research about them and see what I mean (if you like mathematics like I do, sure you will love hexagons too).

If you want to add the game to your blog/site/etc free of any charge, just copy and paste this piece of code:

Skill points earned

Game Programming
ActionScript 3
In Game Advertising
Game Distribution
Mobile Development