NR10 Game

A Serious Game to teach about security

Qualiall Games / Professional

Teaching about security

NR10 Game is a Serious Game that teaches the players about the work security (NR10) when they are working with eletrical stuff. This was an inovative game developed to Qualiall which wins the Startup Chile with it.

The Development

The development team had two members: me and my friend Isaías, a talented artist and gamer, who cared about all the Art (since the concept until the assets exporting and sprite sheets) and made an excelent job.

I worked in this project as a freelancer Game Designer, translating the requirements to the game language, creating the mechanics and puzzles, Producer, creating and managing the tasks, dealing with the client and making specifications and Developer, creating the entire game source code.

This game was initially designed to be played inside internet browsers, but in the middle of the development, it was decided to make it available to Android® tablets. The game is written in ActionScript 3 and uses Adobe® AIR® to be played on mobile devices.

The Challenges

The first challenge was: “Idealize and create a game about a subject that I don’t know and make it educative, fun and inside a short time”. This was the main challenge and I couldn’t beat it without the great help of Isaías (who had the pacience to make a game with a first time game designer) and the pacience of my client, who dealt with my countless emails about specifications.

The second challenge was to port the game to a relativelly new technology. We had here a great luck. We designed a point and click game, so to port this input to a touch one was relativelly easy. There was some other design/art/code modifications, but, the overall was that this challenge was not so hard and we could create a game that is playable on browser and Android® tablets.

Personally, the most challenging thing was to conciliate my three roles in the project and try to make none of them be late on their tasks.

Experience Points

I learned to lead a work as a Producer, creating tasks, getting specifications, creating plannings and dealing with delays and planning fails. I learned to be a Game Designer, creating the mechanics, puzzles and accepting that “not every great feature must be inside the game” (specially when you don’t have the time). As a developer, I’ve been happy to make a game to a new platform.

Skill points earned

Game Programming
Android Publishing
Game Design
ActionScript 3