First great experience with game development

Hoplon Infotainment Games / Professional

The Game

Taikodom is a huge spatial MMO game developed by Hoplon Infotainment, where you control a ship and need to interact with several other people and NPCs: battling, buying, selling, exchanging, etc. This is a game that I had the pleasure to work.

The Job

At the time, I was junior programmer, recently graduated in Computer Science and the job was very challenging to me. Working on a big company, with several departments and lots of different people was a shock. But a good one. I learned a lot there, personally and professionally. Mainly work with people, hear their thoughts and give them feedback. I sure met great professionals and had the pleasure to work with a team that today is spread in the world.

There in Hoplon I worked entirely on the Taikodom client, implementing some gameplay features, bug fixes and most of the time, I worked with the game GUI. I worked directly with the GUI design team making sure that everything was close enough to their concepts. As a GUI developer, I helped to create two great tools: Java Swing OpenGL GUI and Bitverse Unity GUI, both trying to make the pipelines more efficent and the life of developers and designers easier.

Taikodom was a great experience that taught me very hard lessons making me a better developer.

Skill points earned

Version Control
Task Management